Tagline doesn't Match Bailey's Theme

  • I got this image from another poster. How do I go about achieving this look? Where exactly will I post to achieve this look?


    Run In
    The Run In style is intended to place extra emphasis on the first paragraph of content in a project, post, or page. To add the style to a paragraph:

    In the content editor, switch to “Text/HTML” mode.
    Find the paragraph you want to add the style to, and wrap it in a paragraph tag (<p></p>)
    Add the run-in class to the paragraph tag.
    Example: <p class=”run-in”>Your paragraph content here.</p>

    I somewhat understand the direction, but where do I paste this?: <p class=”run-in”>Filmmaker, Producer, Photographer</p>



    The blog I need help with is: (visible only to logged in users)

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