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    Hi. I have used Linen for a few years now. I have done a bit of tweaking to get spacing, captions, slideshow…just the way that I want. I am thinking of exploring other themes. In case I want to come back to Linen, what do I need to save to make it exactly the same as it was? I know that I could spend hours recreating those special tweaks. Thanks.

    The blog I need help with is: whisperingwoodsgallery.com


    Hello! The site looks lovely!!

    You can definitely switch themes and the styles will be maintained, however, your widgets will be lost — and you’d have to redo them. Also, any style changes you make to the content itself would affect the way the theme looks if you switch back.

    I hope that makes sense! Let us know if you have any other questions!


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    Thanks Melissa. Should I be saving anything so I don’t have to recreate it? CSS? Is there a way to save the widgets?


    That would be a great question for a WordPress.com Happiness Engineer. :)

    I’ll tag some help in on this for clarification.



    To clarify, widgets settings aren’t lost when you switch themes in WordPress – the widget and all its settings will be moved into the Inactive Widgets area on the WP Admin widgets page:


    You’ll see you have four inactive widgets there already.

    From that area, you can drag them back into one of your theme’s active widget areas.

    You can also access previous CSS by clicking the CSS Revisions link at the top of the Custom CSS panel, which leads you here, where CSS can be restored:


    Finally, when you switch themes you may need to reassign any custom menus to the right location in your theme.

    Summary of theme-switch items to watch for here:

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