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    The nikau theme have the option to hide the posts that are in the featured content slider to appear in the lattest posts. Then, if you remove the tag featured from the post, they will going to appear in the lattest posts.
    Just below that, there is the blog page section 1 (top stories). But in this area we don’t have the option to hide the posts to appear in the latest post area, which don’t make sense, because if you put a recent post there, it will appear just below that, in the next area (lattest posts). It doesn’t make sense, because it will gonna appear twice. Should exist the option to hide them too from the lattest posts, until we remove from the top stories. Just like happens with the posts in the featured slider.
    Sorry my bad english, hope i have explained the general idea. Thanks

    The blog I need help with is: (visible only to logged in users)

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    We have this option in the featured tag posts that appear in the slider:

    Show the posts with this tag in the area out of slider.

    You should put this option the blog section 1! Thanks

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