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    Hello, I have just recently changed to your Christopher theme and I’ve got to be honest – I’ve found it not very user friendly for the average person. I don’t think it’s reasonable for people to be expected to understand coding and more complicated design to set up what is essentially supposed to be a simple blog. Getting it to look like the demo is almost impossible. I’ve given up on the whole “static page” debacle and placed that in the too hard basket.

    What I would like help with is:-

    I would like to have a subscribe button to the right of all posts, as well as I would like to include it somewhere in my “about” page. I have absolutely no idea how to do this. And if possible on the main page as in your “Rosalie” theme if that is at all possible.

    Also – I would like to add an Instagram button somewhere. I intially just wanted a little icon for Facebook and instagram but couldn’t work that out so did manage to add Facebook down the bottom right of all posts but it shows up rather large.

    When replying if you could give instructions that are simply written – image you are talking to an idiot when writing lol.

    Any help would be appreciated.

    The blog I need help with is: (visible only to logged in users)

    Theme Author

    Hello there,
    thank you for writing and using our theme.

    Sorry for any inconveniences or frustration that setting the theme has caused to you.

    About subscribe button, there is some options. If you want to have it in the sidebar, then use the email subscriptions widget. Go to Dashboard > Appearance > Widgets > Follow Blog Widget by using this guide >

    This widget (as others) can be configured to appear only on certain pages (or be hidden on certain pages) by clicking on the Visibility button.

    There is also a subscription shortcode which you can use in your About page. You can also include the subscription shortcode at the end of every post you publish.

    Unfortunately homepage does not have right sidebar but you can include the subscription widget in the footer widget area. However, if you activate the infinite scroll, then the Footer widgets area will be hidden by default.

    There is another option more advanced using Mailchimp which is a service to manage Subscribers. You can use a pop-up using this:

    Anyway, you always can create a page called “Newsletter” and add the subscription shortcode to it. Then add this page to you main menu and call it “join to the Newsletter” or similar.

    About social icons, you can follow this tutorial. it can seem a bit complicated but it is very easy:

    Please, let us know if you have any question about this or other issues.
    Thank you again,
    Ricardo P. from SiloCreativo

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