Still need help with sliders…can't add new post!

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    A year ago I asked for help in adding a post on the sliders feature. I must have known how to do it at one point as I have four up there but forgot.

    So, I went to the old instructions, followed those and still and still no new posts appear on the slider. Current the slider section is set at Featured, with 9 count. However only four appear on the slider.

    I tried going into my new post titled Dean Braxton TV interview, added the tag “Featured” under Tags, and set Featured Image. However, nothing happened. Is it because I have other tags already there? Should I only have one tag, “Featured” under this post if I want it in the slider?

    Also why, if I have the number “9” under the default slider section, does it only show 4 in the actual slider?

    Please, someone give me simple 1, 2, 3 steps here.

    The blog I need help with is


    Hi Jenni!

    It seems like you only have 4 posts with the tag “featured”:

    Please make sure you add the proper tag to the new featured posts.

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