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    I would like to ask you about a few things I dislike on the delicious magazine theme
    I apologize in advance if my english is not perfect (i’m actually French)

    1) The footer is not placed very well … When I saw the demonstration blog, I’ve noticed that de footer was glued to the bottom of the page but not on my website, so I’ve wondered why !
    2) Is it possible to change the text on the footer ? so I can erase « Un blog » wich is not very good for my credibility as a football website.
    3) Is it possible to change the text on the « Woo – Onglets » (in french) widget ? Especially the « dernière version » wich is not VERY french in that case. I’d better write « derniers articles »
    4) I tried several time to put an HTML link on the « text and HTML » widget but it doesn’t want to work !! Every time I try, I paste the link on the text zone then, when I click on « Enregistrer » the text disappears ! It’s really weird, because I sow that several blog did put the ID in question in their sidebar ! (You’d better watch the picture to understand that haha)

    I hope you’ll be able to answer my questions,

    Thank you in advance

    The blog I need help with is:


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    PS : I mention several time « pictures » because I’ve sent the same mail to the delicious magazine theme admin and I’ve joined pictures so he can understand


    Hi There,

    Apologize for the delay and here to help you with your questions.

    1. I’m seeing this as well:

    I think it’s because you have no widgets in your footer like in our demo:

    2. You could do this with the Custom CSS upgrade from

    Do you have this?

    This could fix #1 as well.

    3. Unfortunately you cannot change this but I’ll double check what can be done and to see if you can contribute to this translation.

    4. Could you copy/paste what you are trying to use in the widget here:

    and paste the link back so I can take a closer look at this.

    Kind Regards,


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    First of all, thank you very much for your answer.

    1) For the footer, i’ve already tried to put some widgets in it but it doesn’t fix anything ! The footer widget comes above the black zone and it’s steel not glued to the bottom of the page … And I ABSOLUTELY don’t know how to use CSS …

    4) Thank you but it’s too late now, it was a vote module and now the votes are closed …

    AND I’ve found a new problem ! Yeapa !

    I DON’T KNOW WHY IT HAPPENED ! It is SO weird ! It always did well before but just now it’s bad ! I don’t understand …

    Brief, if you can help me for the css and for this, you would be the best guy in the world. Seriously



    Original poster

    PS : the green is good and the red is not good


    Hey Alexandre,

    Appreciate the additional info and your patience here.

    1. I’m unable to reproduce this on our delicious magazine demo and will need to pass this on to some others to see if they can spot what’s happening here.

    4. Okay

    New issue:

    Not able to see these colored borders, Which page are you seeing these?

    Kind Regards,

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