Some Pages Not Showing Up In Featured Page 1 & 2 List For Selection

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    Hello again Taras!

    There are some pages, specifically; “In with the new.” and “Bespoke and high touch.” that cannot be selected to be a featured page. However, they were selected to be in the featured content slider via the “featured” tag.

    Is there a reason for that, how can I resolve it?

    The blog I need help with is


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    Do you get any error when selecting these pages for the Featured Page section? If yes, could you please share a screenshot (

    Thank you,


    Hi Taras,

    They actually don’t even show up in the list.

    Pages List:
    Drop Down Menu:

    Looking forward to it!


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    Thank you for providing screenshots.

    Could you please try to enable this option in the Featured Content options: ?

    Let me know if still does not resolve the issue.



    Hi Taras!

    That did not help, unfortunately. I did some playing around though. And, I have a theory.

    Those pages belonged to a parent page that was subsequently deleted. I hadn’t noticed it until I turned on the breadcrumb trail – so they were being classified under a page that no longer populated (or existed).

    I attached them to another parent page, then published and then assigned them no parent and republished. That ‘reset’ them, so-to-speak. Problem solved! They show up again.

    Thank you for looking at this with me!


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    Thank you for providing a solution! I’ve not seen this issue before. It might be an “edge case” issue in the WordPress core.

    I appreciate your time posting this solution. It can be very helpful for other WordPress users.

    All the best,

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