Some conflict (not caused by me) messes up the reply form

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    My site’s address is
    It uses the Corporate theme, easily the most beautiful and functional theme on

    However… here comes my problem.
    When one tries to reply to an old comment (i.e. not the last one), the form appears in the wrong place… meaning between the avatar and the username of the next comment. Here is a screenshot:

    Fyi even when I removed all the CSS I’ve add, the problem was still there. Moreover I’ve barely ever used plugins (just 3, Readd justify and underline button, removed the same day, then Tiny mce advanced, and Japanese fonts for tiny mce). Not being tech-savvy I’ve never tinkered more then this with my blog, so I guess the cause can either be one of the plugins, or an incompatibility issue of your theme with the latest “let’s revolutionize blogging” wordpress crusade.

    Oh, another funny thing, related to your theme, is that I can’t update my corporate theme, well, it let’s me update it, but then the update message is there again, because nothing actually happened (I checked).

    I’m on a business plan, but WP support couldn’t do anything about it (so I guess I’ll ditch them as soon as I can).

    I hope you can help, but even if it isn’t the case, I just thought you could use this piece of information, because it could be related to the theme in some way.

    The blog I need help with is:


    Theme Author

    Hi there,

    1) The comment and reply form and avatar show just fine on my side. Check the screenshot here:

    2) You have the most up to date version of Corporate v1.1.0:



    Original poster

    I can’t update to version 1.4 of the Corporate theme, which shows up on my activity page

    Also, now, 3 weeks after I posted this, my site seems fine, because wordpress support suggested this temporary fix

    #respond {
      float: none;

    But it wasn’t needed before, so something happened in the meantime.



    Theme Author

    Hi there,

    The problem is a conflict with this theme:, it has version 1.4.1. It’s not our theme, our Corporate is 1.1.0 latest, which you have. I think staff needs to look at it to get rid of update notice from themes (e.g.: Corporate) for the business user when they use our Corporate. I am tagging them here to investigate it.

    Thanks for your patience.

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