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    One more concern, we’d like to put links to both our Twitter Feed and LinkedIn, into the Footer Widget as well. While simply entering in the Twitter username works fine, LinkedIn does not.

    This is because unlike Twitter, all username links are not on the same path on LinkedIn’s site.

    If you are an individual, the path is:

    If, however, you are a company (as we are) your address path is:

    So when we go to input our username into the Social Widget, unfortunately, you haven’t truncated the path to read just:

    and then allowed the user to delineate which they are, individual or company. Instead, the path you specify automatically is:

    Which means that no company can use that link to point to their actual profile on LinkedIn, because they erroneously think our username should point to their Individuals folder, instead of their Company folder.

    If this is something which can be changed in CSS, please let us know how to alter that, otherwise, that definitely needs to be fixed at the Theme level for companies wishing to purchase your Theme (which is largely awesome, I might add) for business purposes.



    Hi there,

    On the demo you see our social links: in the footer as you mentioned. These are added by creating a new menu and assigning it to the social links area, following these directions:

    This allows you to add the entire link and not just the username. Ex: You can see here that we can add the complete LinkedIn company link.

    You may want to try adding a social menu as stated above and that will remove this issue that you are having within the widgets. I will include the team in this post if they want to chime in regarding the social widgets and usernames.

    Hope this helps!
    Let me know if you have any other questions!

    Original poster

    Cool, I’ll try that. Thanks for the support. We’re having to do this relatively rapidly, so apologies for the questions.


    No problem!
    Good luck!

    Let me know if you have any other questions.


    The Social Media Links widget only supports LinkedIn’s individual username structure, not the company username structure. Sorry about that.


    Also just to clarify, this would be the same in any theme, as the widget is the same across all of and not a feature specific to this theme.

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