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    My name is Rose and I have been happily enjoying the Pretty Young Thing theme for some time now.

    One thing that I can not get to work is to use the theme’s own icons for Twitter, Facebook, RSS and E-mail as given really nicely and neatly in the preview.

    I’ve read that I have to make a menu of these links and type social-twitter etc in the custom classes box, but this didn’t work. My links just came up as regular hyperlinks. I’ve also been told to find the images in the theme images folder – where is this located and how to I get these to link up?

    One more thing I would love some help with is my User Profile. How do I put an image in with this, as featured on the profile? Mine only seems to allow text.

    Could someone help me, please? I apologise for repeating questions that are cited in other forums, but I haven’t been successful when following aforementioned advice.

    Thank you and with best wishes,
    Rose of Mixed Gems,

    The blog I need help with is:


    Theme Author

    It looks like the wrong css classes on them. Just try twitter instead of social-twitter.

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