So much problems all toghether (event, audio player, photo, pages, etc)

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    Problem 1 – Events + Widget:
    I wrote an event in the events page. I put the Soundcheck Events Widget into the Homepage but it doesn’t show until i click “View More”. And then, why into the demo it works like that and into my pages it doesn’t (

    Problem 2 – Audio Player:
    I bought space upgrade for upload music in blog. I uploaded 2 songs, in the same post, but the Widget in homepage play only the first one. After, in the post where i added songs appears 2 songs player (link:… how is this possible?

    Problem 3 – Pages:
    How can i put the songs’ posts in the Music Page instead of a simple post in the blog? Like photos’posts, how can i put them into the Photo’s Page? In this way (
    How can i separate the posts???

    Problem 4 – Latest Post Widget:
    Why in the latest post widget of the blog i can’t see the date of the post? In the demo it works correctly.

    Thank You for help

    The blog I need help with is:


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    1. I would recommend viewing the theme documentation Event Setup
    2. The theme will automatically pull in all audio uploaded to the post itself. It appears you only uploaded one file to the post. You have inserted two files into the content area. You do not need to insert any audio into the content area as the theme will automatically grab all audio files uploaded to the post. The key words here here are uploaded to the post. It may also help to look at the theme documentation for setting up audio if you haven’t already.
    3. All audio posts are required to have an “Audio” format. You can then add a link a page that pulls in all posts with this format. You may need to enable the Format meta box on the menu screen.
    4. If your looking to show the date for the latest posts as seen in the center column of the theme demos home page, this can be done by using the Featured Category widget.

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