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    The Slideshow page template on my website is no longer displaying as a banner slideshow for some reason?

    The page in question is the Gallery & News tab :

    This was previously displaying correctly. Now the slideshow is just a tiled gallery :( PLEASE HELP!

    The blog I need help with is: (visible only to logged in users)

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    Hello, this website does not appear to be using our Restaurant Theme. Please contact the makers of the theme you are using for support on this issue, thank you.


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    HI Emily

    It is the Restaurant theme I have just made some changes to the appearance. Please can you look into why the slideshow page template is no longer working. It has been up until a few days ago.

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    This is likely due to converting your previously added WordPress gallery to the new gallery block. In order for the slideshow working as it did before, you will need to add your image ID’s using the “gallery” shortcode within the shortcode block. So, it will look similar to this:

    Screen Shot

    The following link outlines the gallery shortcode in more detail,

    I hope this helps. Thanks!

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    Hi David

    Thanks for the feedback. I, unfortunately, have NO IDEA how to do that. I have gone through the links you sent me but I don’t know where to find my image ID’s!

    Please can you assist

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    This will need to be done using the Gutenberg editor. If you’re still using the classic editor, you can switch to the Gutenberg editor on that page by selecting the option to “Try the new Gutenberg editor” on the right side of the page content editor area. Once you have the Gutenberg editor enabled:

    1. Apply the following shortcode (as a Shortcode block within the page editor) as seen below:

    [gallery ids="729,732,731,720"]

    2. The numbers above are examples of image ids. To find your image ids, go to WP Admin > Media > Library

    3. Click an image you want to add to the slider, and look at the number at the end of the URL

    4. Make a list of those image IDs, as seen in the gallery shortcode example above.


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