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    Good Day,
    I read through a long topic on Slideshow order and I too would be very keen to have the newest photos placed first in the slideshow..I am somewhat confused. Is there a way to change the date on my JPEG file? Its not obvious to me how, or is there a way to set the order to Descending? I thought I read that you were able to arrange them any way you choose, but Im learning this is not possible? That would be unfortunate. Or is my slideshow being Stubborn? Thank you

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    The order of the slideshow should display the last photo uploaded first and so forth. You should have the option to re-order the images by creating a gallery after uploading your images and dragging and dropping them in the order of your choice. For some reason, this doesn’t seem to always work and we’ve unable to find out why.

    If you are using the featured slideshow, that is when you would manually edit the date at which the posts have been published in the slideshow and it will re-arrange the order.

    Hopefully you can play with it a bit and find what works best for you.

    Thank you!


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