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    I am a beginner and I do not understand how you make the slideshow at the beginning of the home page.
    I find it good with a banner but I can not insert categories or other.
    How do we please?

    The blog I need help with is


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    Hello, to add a Featured Slider, follow these steps:

    Add a Tag to the Posts you wish to display in the Slider, e.g. “featured.”
    Navigate to My Site → Customize → Featured Content
    Enter the name of the Tag, e.g. “featured.”
    Click the blue Save button at the bottom.

    Once a Tag name has been saved, posts having this tag will appear in the featured content slider. You can specify an image to be displayed with each post by setting a featured image. The suggested size for featured images is 980 pixels wide and 520 pixels high.

    To have a text excerpt appear in the slider post with the featured image mentioned above, type an excerpt in the Excerpt field. You can find this field below the content area on the Edit Post page. If you do not see the Excerpt field, you will need to click the Screen Options tab on the top right of the Edit Posts page, and check the Excerpt box (see photo below). If a post doesn’t have an excerpt, the post title will not be displayed in the slider either.

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