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    May I ask you/suggest: I´m looking forward to work full time with building professional static WordPress sites for business companies, and I´m depending on very flexible themes, thats why I choose Basis. ;) BUT, my previous customer asked me if I could make the first page with a rectangular slideshow on top, and some clicable smaller boxes below (classic but effective in the business word). I therefor started with a slideshow page, but surprisingly I couldn´t add anything below on that page. Why? Would it be possible in the close future you´ll add possibility to continue adding information under the slideshow..? That would be great! (And maybe also make the size of the slideshow smaller so that you are able to see both the slideshow and the content below without scrolling). Here comes an example of what I mean (not pretty in colors, but its the layout my customer is asking for)

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    The blog I need help with is: (visible only to logged in users)


    Hi Christine!

    Thanks for the suggestions! We have actually heard many of the same concerns from previous customers. We are considering adding these features in a future release, although we do not have any concrete plans for these features yet.

    We will let you know if we decide to make these changes.


    I agree with Christine! This would be of optimal use for my company as well. It would be great if the Slideshow was added as a element with in the product template, instead of being a separate page layout



    Thanks Helena! We appreciate the vote. We will let you know if we decide to make this change in the future.


    I also second Christine. In fact I purchased Basis presuming such feature is readily available. Quite a letdown to me to discover the lack of. Please definitely include it in your next release.



    Thanks Levine! We hear you! We will let you know if we include it in a future release.

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