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    Just purchased infowar theme. I have 3 blog posts tagged “featured” and have “featured” set as tag for Featured Content. The slider works correctly in the preview when I am customizing the theme. But it is not working once I publish on the live site.

    The slider is also not responsive. On mobile device small screen I only see the image – no title/text. And still no slider.

    Please help.

    The blog I need help with is


    Theme Author


    Thanks for purchases the theme…

    Kindly, check your customization once and use images for your posts. It should be of 950 x 363px in dimension.

    If still will be in the same trouble, please reinstall the theme and check the results.

    Hope you find the above information helpful.



    I have changed the images to be exactly the size required – and it is still not working.

    It is not obvious how to reinstall the theme. I can switch to another theme and then switch back – but I suspect that will not actually “reinstall” the theme. And I do not see a way to delete the theme.

    Please help me understand how to reinstall your theme.




    I am having the same problem.



    Problem resolved itself for me.



    Unfortunately my problem is not resolved. Please let me know how I can delete and re-install this theme.


    May I jump in into this thread?
    I cannot have the slider appearing on the theme preview. I do not understand why.
    I am currently using the Symfo theme, and the slider works perfectly well – tag “featured” correctly set up, etc.
    Any idea why then the slider is not appearing at all in the preview?

    Also, on a slightly separate note, is there any chance that the Luxury Theme will be part of themes portfolio?

    Thank you



    I will be requesting a refund and removing this theme. I cannot make the slider work and no response or support for past 5 days after initial brief answer.


    Theme Author

    Hey! Guys,

    For your information, the front-page slider images are actually your blog posts content or featured images, Kindly, check whether you have posted an image in your post.

    It will work this way.

    If you still find it is not working then, email us, we will try our best to resolve your issues.




    I am using InfoWay on, and, and the slider only works on where I have a Business upgrade. It doesn’t work on the other two sites apart from when I preview the changes in the Customizer



    Also not working for me – works in the preview, but not on the actual site:

    Please help us fix this.



    If you look at the browser console for the preview, no errors are thrown, but on the actual site, this error is thrown:

    Uncaught SyntaxError: Unexpected token ,

    This refers to the missing sliderTime value on line 69

    animType: “slide-vertical”,
    autoAnim: true,
    slideTime: ,
    animTime: 800,
    alwaysNext: true,
    showBackNext: true



    Yep, creating a local copy of the html and adding 5000 as a SlideTime value fixes it. neeraga1, l hope you can help us fix this.



    And, I found out how to fix this. If you go to My Site, Themes, Customize button, Theme, scroll to bottom, and enter a new value for slider speed, then save, this fixes it. At some point, a save occurs and this value is not saved..


    Theme Author

    Thanks! bctrust,

    I really appreciate your efforts in resolving the issue at your end,

    We have checked the theme once again at our local server but, didn’t get such issue. Everything is working fine.

    It might be happen that you missed something to configure.



    There’s another issue that I’ve seen as well – the Slider will stop accepting new posts, even with the tag and featured image set correctly. I have to go into customization, change the slider tag to something else, save, change it back to the original and then resave.


    Theme Author

    Hello bctrust!

    Hope you made the recently added posts featured.

    If not then, please do this then, check your site.

    Hope this will resolve your issues.

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