Slider not showing full images

  • Hi there!

    Having an issue having the featured images showing up in the slider with a black bar at the bottom – almost as if the images aren’t tall enough. It’s not happening with all of my images, just some.

    I’ve tried to go in and resize the images, and also re-cropped them to be taller and narrower, thinking that might do the trick, but no dice. They’re still showing up, though the crops are there, narrower, with the top part of the images lopped off.

    It’s almost as if the images are being pushed up for something.

    Any help is appreciated!

    The blog I need help with is: (visible only to logged in users)

  • Hi.

    The images are automatically resized to 1084×542

    But they have to be at least that size, WordPress can’t upscale the images. So at least 1084px in width and 542px in height.

    The featured image for the “10 biggest travel mistakes” is 799×680 so it’s not large enough. Because of that it’s displayed at it’s original size and due to the aspect ratio difference compared to the expected size it causes the issue.

  • Ahhhh – so the one that was displaying “right” was actually displaying wrong and fouling up the rest of the bunch.

    Thank you SO much! I thought i was going nuts!

  • Yeah, that one is causing the layout issue.

    You’re welcome.

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