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    Hey Thomas,

    Great job with the theme. I noticed that the slider’s forward/back buttons aren’t working on firefox or chrome. Seems like they are working with Microsoft Edge. Unable to test safari. Are you or anyone experiencing the same issue? Firefox 60.0.1, Chrome 66.0.3359.181



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    Hi there,

    Thanks for using Dynamic News.

    Mh the slider buttons work fine for me with Firefox and Chrome on our demo website:

    Can you please tell me the URL of your website? Maybe the issue only happens on your site due to some plugin conflict.



    Thanks for the quick reply, and sorry for the delay of my own. Have no other plugins activated, and the issue is still present in the demo on my side. I think I’ve figured out the general idea of the issue, though.

    This device uses both a touch screen and mouse. I’ve learned the buttons work perfect when I use touch. However, if I try to use the mouse, they don’t. So, if a device has both touch and a mouse, touch completely disables mouse clicks.


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    Hi again,

    Thanks for the info. Yes, that could be. I think the Slider script we are using does not support both touch and mouse, especially if you try to swipe by mouse drag.

    Not sure if we can anything do about that, but I will take a look.


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