Slider and two column options ISSUE with Bold NEWS

  • Hello, I purchased the theme Bold News and I’m facing problems with the slider and to set the two column option in my home page. I followed any single step > created a tag “featured” and added a note > added the tag to the posts which all have a featured image> setted the options in appearance slide but still is not working. Either I activated the two column options but still I can only see a single column in my home plus the widget column. Any suggestions to sort these problems? Thanks. Regards

    here’s my blog

    The blog I need help with is: (visible only to logged in users)

  • I’m facing other problems as well. The lay out of my home page is completely f….ed up, the theme doesn’t respect the lay out you set and neither the font color.. I’m seriously thinking to ask for a refund, even coz no support is provided!

  • I see from looking at your blog that you fixed the problem.

    I’m experiencing the same thing, no posts are showing up in the slider despite being tagged and having featured images assigned. What did you do to resolve the problem?

  • Hi, open a new thread, and please supply us with an URL to your website as it will help us debug the problem you are having.


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