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    Hi, I am considering switching my site to this template but first I have a few things I need to know before I commit. I would appreciate your help if you can by supplying coding for the following :-

    1. I want to make the slider a fixed height. When I’ve tried it on my site the heights change with each new blog and it looks messy going from high to lower and back again.
    2. If I use the slider I want to remove the reading time and date on it please.
    3. Is there a way to make the posts/layout look more like a tiled gallery, so the titles don’t all line up, meaning I can use any size of image for the post and I won’t get a large white space if the other posts on that line have longer or shorter images. You’ll see what I mean if you view my blog.

    Thanks in advance. Rosalie was one of the first templates I used on another site when I joined WordPress years ago and I always remember you being very polite and helpful, so when I decided I wanted a new look for my site I came right here!

    The blog I need help with is


    Theme Author

    Hello there,
    thank you for writing ans for your kind words :)

    About your questions:

    1. Yes, this is because once you change the theme, thumbnails of your featured image need to be regenerated to fit the new theme. Anyway, you can add this CSS to fix a max-height:

    .flexslider .slides>li {
        max-height: 35vw;
        overflow: hidden;

    2. Add this CSS to remove date and reading time form Slider:

    .flexslider .slides .entry-meta {
        display: none;

    3. Unfortunately this requieres a JS library called masonry, so it can not be done using CSS only. Sorry for any inconveniences.

    Ricardo P from SiloCreativo



    Many thanks Ricardo! :)

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