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    when I activate my slide show, choose 5 posts to be sticky, and set a featured image for each post, the featured image shows up replacing the first image in my individual posts and the first image in the post moves to the right, behind the right sidebar. basically, it’s completely messing with my individual posts. I have the option turned ON to keep sticky posts in my blogroll and not have the sticky posts just in the slide show. HELP!

    this is what it looks like!

    I am leaving the first post: nature, the greatest escape, with that problem so you can see what I am talking about.

    Your help is appreciated! Thank you!!

    The blog I need help with is:


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    Hi there,

    I’m not seeing any issues with your post. Did you happen to fix this problem? If not, could you please describe what you’re seeing, so we can take a look? Also, what browser (Chrome, Internet Explorer, etc.) are you seeing this problem in?



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    I am viewing it with Firefox.

    That is so weird that you can’t see what I am talking about on the link I put in there.

    So when I set a featured image for a post, it pushes my post’s image into the side bar and puts the featured image at the top of the post. so now there are two images side by side at the top of a sticky post (one which is literally in the side bar with sidebar text over it)

    If you visit the blog, I put one featured image in there, the one of the white lilies. the other sticky posts, I didn’t set a featured image so you could compare and see. Do you not see a problem with the sticky post that has a lilies as it’s featured slider image?

    Thank you!


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    So I opened it up in Safari and it looks fine, but it brings up the same problem – does the featured image have to be in the post? Because for example, the lily image, is also in the blog post later on in the story. Now, it is the first image and the last one (duplicated).

    Does this mean I have to go back and delete any featured image from each post because the featured image will show up as the first image in the post? Also, a lot of my posts start with text and not an image, am I not going to be able to do that? Will the featured image always show up at the top of every post?

    Sorry and thank you very much


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    Hi again,

    Thanks for clarifying! I am seeing this issue in Firefox.

    It sounds like you might want to hide your Featured image within the Single post view, is this right? If yes, please add the following code:

    /* Hide Featured image in Single post view */
    .single-post-thm {
        display: none;

    In the above code, we’re using display: none to hide all elements with the class of .single-post-thm.

    I hope this helps! Let us know if this is what you’re after :)


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    alas, YES!

    This has fixed the problem in the best possible way!

    Thank you Scott .. all is well and I am good to go.

    Have a great week


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    Great, Michelle! I’m glad to hear we could help :)

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