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    Hi, binarymoon!

    When I bought that theme, I confess that I did not notice some details that left me discouraged.

    The principal “detail” is the size of images. I think they are very small.
    I purchased the theme a year ago. At that time this theme seemed to me the best among all available models.

    Well, until today, I was unable to adapt myself with the theme. I have no desire to put the project I had in mind when I look that theme.

    Anyway, it’s my problem. You have no guilt about it. But I’m letting off steam, opening myself.

    Still, remains for me ask. Is there anything we can do to at least increase the size of the images?

    The blog I need help with is


    Theme Author

    Hi there – really sorry to hear you’re not satisfied with the theme. It’s possible to stretch the images so that they are larger using css – however this could make the images blurry since the image itself will not be larger – it will only be stretched so it covers more of the screen.



    Hi binarymoon.
    Thank you for your attention.
    So how do I stretch the images?

    Do you could enhance the images for me?



    This time you have nothing to say?


    Theme Author

    Sorry – I missed your reply last time around.

    To stretch the images you would need to use the custom css upgrade. You could use something like the following:

    .catnews img {

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