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    Our site uses this theme. In the customizer we have a site logo that shows across all pages.

    In the site identity section we have the site and tagline box unchecked because it writes the site title on the page, and makes it too redundant for the logo. When we share the site on social media, it gives the page icon, page address, and then lists “no title”. Is there any way we can get some help with this?

    The blog I need help with is:


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    Hi there – this is an issue with rather than the theme. I will ask the team to take a look and see if they can help.

    You may get a quicker response if you contact them directly.

    The theme takes care of how things look, and from what you describe it looks as you expect. The problem is how it functions when third parties interact with the theme. Hopefully the team can help.

    As an aside – I previewed your site on the facebook social debugger and it looked ok.

    What site were you having problems with? The more info you can give the easier it will be to fix.


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    Thank you. It is Linkedin, as far as I know, that keeps reading it as having no title.

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