Site not performing as shown on iphone

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    I purchased the portfolio theme a few years back.

    On the demo,, when you view on an iPhone, the site works great.

    When you access my site, which was built using the theme,, it does not look great. It has a different format.

    How do I correct this?


    Hi there!

    Sorry you’re having problems with this!

    From what we can tell your site is loading in an iframe, but it’s not caused by the theme code… I’m tagging a support person to see if they have a better idea of what’s going on!


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    Thanks. looking forward to getting this resolved.



    Looks like you haven’t correctly mapped your custom domain to your site. The domain masking you’re using at your registrar is breaking a number of things, as it’s not a technique supports.

    Here’s a guide to mapping a domain you already own to your site:

    If you prefer not to upgrade to a plan at this time, choose “domain forwarding” rather than masking at your registrar, since it’s the masking that’s breaking the theme.

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