Since some days ago, problem with main portrait image and article title

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    As you can see in the url, since some days ago, there is a problem with articles, in archives and inside article. All articles with main picture in portrait now don´t show the article title to the right of the picture. Now the title goes to the bottom of the picure. Really weird. I need help. Thanks in advance.

    The blog I need help with is


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    Hello, Nacho!

    I’m sorry about this and thanks for reporting. This is due to an update to make Patch compatible with the new Editor and make it more flexible. It seems like we missed this issue and we will look over the first thing Monday morning.

    You don’t have to do anything for now – once we push the update the layout will restore automatically.


    Thanks Babbardel.


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    Hello, Nacho!

    Everything should be fine — please have a look. ☺️



    Hello Babbardel,

    the problem -I just checked right now- is still there, both in archives and inside post.



    I´m beggining to be really worry cos I use a lot of portrait main images in my sites, hundred of articles, and the problem looks very bad when accessing the site. Thanks again in advance.


    Update. I just browse the site using incognito mode and looks like the problem is solved. Great. I guess that using my normal browser mode the cache has not been updated yet. I hope will be ok in minutes.

    Thanks a lot!


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    There is a slight cache in the browser and it should be ok in a few minutes.

    I’m glad we figured it out — you’re welcome!


    Hi again,

    one last thing. When using just [p] text after the title, everything is ok when using main images in portrait format (the text goess after the title, justified at the right of the image):


    But when, in a post, the first text after the title is not formated as {p}, so it´s formated as any H, (h2, h3, h4), then comes the problem: that [H] text goes to the bottom of the image. not after the title, justifiedto the right of the image.


    That problem also began in the last days. Before that days, it worked ok.

    Thanks a lot in advance again.


    Any comment related to the last problem I pointed to?



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    I’m sorry that I did not follow-up!

    I already added an issue on our bug-tracker and we’re looking for a fix.


    Right. Hope it will be fix soon. Thanks a lot Babbardel.


    Any news? Thanks.


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    Hello, Nacho! An update was already deployed today with a solution — can you have a look now and let me know how it works?


    Hello Babbardel.

    Thanks so much!

    You did it. It´s is fixed!

    Can check it, in my site, here:

    Well done. I love Patch!


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    Awesome! Thanks

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