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    I want to add a sidebar to my blog but when I do, there’s a lot of space to the right of the sidebar and everything feels adjusted to the left. I don’t feel things are neatly centered (I’m OCDish 😑). I also noticed when I click on a post, the same issue is there. There’s plenty of space to the right of the side bar but the content of the post is slightly better situated in the middle than the home page. I can live with that but the space to the right of the sidebar is bugging me.

    The blog I need help with is: (visible only to logged in users)

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    I have checked your site, and I understand your point.

    Well… The problem with the sidebar is that all widgets and their content is aligned to the left, as it should be. Sidebar content area width is 230px, plus 10px on the left and on the right for padding.

    Now both sidebar area and the content area are nested in the main container which is 1240px wide. It looks like that there is too much white space on the right of the sidebar, but please note that not all links or text are occupying the full width of the sidebar, which is causing this illusion.

    Possible solution – align sidebar content to the right. What do you think – will that work for you?

    Thank you,
    – Djordje

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