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    Hi, I just recently switched to your theme and I really like it but I’m having some issues with the sidebar, I have had a look through the other posts in the forum but can’t find a fix for my issue.

    I would like the sidebar to move with the main page, I’ve tried reducing the space through the CSS code you recommended someone else and whilst that was helpful I still don’t think it’s obvious enough that you have to scroll to see more and there are widgets in the sidebar I want people to see.

    I did notice that someone else had asked for the same and I tried the CSS code that you recommended for them as well but it didn’t work for me. On the homepage it kept the sidebar static with the top post but all the other posts were then shown when the sidebar ended, here are some screen shots that hopefully illustrate what I mean

    When I went into posts I had a similar issue where the featured image was at the top and then you had to scroll down because the rest of the post was after the sidebar had ended. I don’t have pictures of that but I can get them if needed, I have had to change my site back in the meantime but any help would be greatly appreciated.

    If you need any other information let me know.



    The blog I need help with is: (visible only to logged in users)

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    Hi Kate,

    The following CSS should do what you need:

    body {
      background-color: #f1f1f1;
    .site-info {
      background-color: #fff;
    .sidebar-area {
      position: static;

    Now that the sidebar is no longer fixed, the background colours were breaking in the wrong places so there are a few extra lines in order to fix that. Let me know if that does the trick!


    Original poster

    Hi Sonia,

    Still not working, I’ve updated it and left it so you can visit the site and see but it’s still segregating the top post and then the rest are after the end of the sidebar.

    Also can I be a pain and ask for some additional help, on the homepage I’ve changed the colour to purple but when I hover over the featured images and then hover over read more it’s the original design colour, how do I change that?

    I would also like to have that hover over feature for images on a page ( is that possible?


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