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    Hello! I’m loving the theme so far. I have a problem with the sidebar. It’s not showing at the right side but instead as a footer. The sidebar is really important for the site and I hope it can be fixed. Thanks!

    The blog I need help with is


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    Have you placed widgets in the Primary Sidebar ?
    I am unable to view your blog as it is protected at the moment. Please send screenshot to understand the issue.



    Hi @designorbital. I’ve made the site public for your viewing. I’ve placed widgets in the sidebar. I’m noticing that the site looks different in Customizer and when I view the actual site page. In customizer, the sidebar is in the footer but the side bar is displayed on the right when I view the site. It would be nice to view how the site would look like in Customizer.

    Also, the submenu and sub categories are being displayed on the left. Is there a way to make it on the right? For the sub categories, there are mini right arrows but the categories are positioned on the left. It would be great if this could be changed.

    Thanks. I appreciate the help.


    hi @designorbital. I’ve managed to change the menu from left to right. :D Thanks for your time.

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