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    I tagged 5 blogposts with “Featured”, but nothings happen.

    What I did wrong?

    How do I get the wonderful design of Adaline on the Homepage?



    The blog I need help with is


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    Hi Verena,

    First of all, thanks so much for the compliment of the Adaline design!

    Anyway, the Featured Content area won’t necessarily display the latest five posts in the “featured” tag, but rather, whichever tag you set in the Featured Content panel in the Customizer.

    Here is a screenshot of the location of the Featured Content panel on Customizer and the Featured Content panel itself, to illustrate.

    This is useful if you’d rather use a different nomenclature or another language besides English for tagging your Featured Content. This also applies to any other theme that utilizes the Featured Content feature.

    Does this solve your problem?


    Hi Leland,

    thanks for your answer!

    I found the Featured Conten panel on Customizer and the Featured Content panel itself. Thats not my problem. I tagged five posts with my tag for featured content, but on my homepage I does not look the way it should.

    Each post und each other. The photos under each other like an ordinary blog.

    Is there any setting I have to make in WP Admin?


    And if I use a static side with photo, I can not see a photo at all. I choose a photo with customizer, not in the content. I becoming desperate.


    Problem solved. I had to use an new category with the name of the tag, not only the tag. Pooooh!

    :))) Thanks Leland!


    Theme Author

    No problem. Glad the problem is solved. :)

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