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    I already commented in the other topic, but decided to create a new one, since the other one is marked as “resolved”.

    The issue I have is that my showcase page is not working. On, I have configured my “Home” page as start page and Showcase. On the “Blog” page, I have the normal blog view with the articles. However, on my Showcase page, there are only three of four articles being displayed. Also, the layout is only in the thumbnail view, I’m missing the big image view as seen on the Personal Demo page. How do I change that? How can I control, which and how many of the blog articles are being displayed on the Showcase page?

    The blog I need help with is:


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    The Personal showcase displays featured posts in a full-width format, followed by up to 6 recent posts. For best results, feature special posts, not just the most recent ones. To keep featured posts separate from your recent posts (or “blog), add a unique tag (such as “featured”) to the posts you want to appear on top in the full-width style.

    To manipulate which posts appear first in the Recent posts columns, you may change the date or sticky posts to have them show first. See Post Visibility for more on making posts Sticky.

    Create the page

    1. Click on PagesAdd New
    2. Add a Title
    3. Select the Showcase option from the Page Template menu on the right side
    4. Click Publish

    See Pages for detailed help

    Setup Featured tag

    1. Go to SettingsReading
    2. Enter the tag you are using in the “Featured Content” tag field
    3. Enter the number for the max number of posts to show in the box and check whether to hide your special tag in the post meta on these posts.

    For detailed setup help see this blog post


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    Thanks a lot, that helped, everything is fine now!


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    You’re welcome!

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