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    I lost the CSS I used before to make the sharing buttons all grey to match instead of the multi-colors they are now.

    The blog I need help with is


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    Hi there,

    I don’t recall helping change the colors of the sharing buttons on your site before. Can you let me know what shade of grey the sharing buttons were? Was it a light grey background with a dark grey icon, or a dark grey background with a light grey icon?



    oh, maybe it was the live chat support that gave me the code? It was a grey that matched/complimented well with the social menu.


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    Okay, I just came up with this:

    body .sd-social-icon .sd-content ul li[class*="share-"].share-twitter,
    body .sd-social-icon .sd-content ul li[class*="share-"].share-facebook,
    body .sd-social-icon .sd-content ul li[class*="share-"],
    body .sd-social-icon .sd-content ul li[class*="share-"].share-pinterest,
    body .sd-social-icon .sd-content ul li[class*="share-"].share-linkedin {
    	background: #e5e5e5 !important;
    	color: #666 !important;

    It may not be exactly what you had before but the shades of grey are derived from colors in the Spatial theme so it should hopefully fit in well.



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    One more thing: if you add more social networks to the sharing buttons, they probably won’t be affected by the above CSS code because each social network has specific colors that need to be overridden.

    Let me know if you add more social networks and I’ll update the code above if needed.



    looks good though it tells me to fix 2 errors before publishing

    expected RBRACE at line 13, col. 25then repeats the same error again

    but the color is perfect


    got it! just that one little bracket thing got left off. all fixed. thx!


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    No problem. I’ll mark this topic as resolved for now, but feel free to respond if you add any other social networks.



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