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    My shelf theme only displays share buttons and comments box when reader clicks on post title. How can I have them continually visible.

    The blog I need help with is


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    Unfortunately there’s no way to display the comment box on the homepage, but if you change your sharing settings, you could show those buttons on the home page. You’ll find them in your WordPress dashboard under Settings → Sharing and it’s under the option: Show buttons on

    Hope that helps!


    Thanks for the reply. I get many messages saying the same thing “what no comments box? and where’s the share bottoms.? I have share buttons they just don’t appear until the reader clicks on post title,
    So how can I get readers to understand they must click on post title to see comments box and share buttons? This is not obvious to most readers.


    Hi Tony,

    Did you try to change the settings for the Sharing buttons yet?


    Yes, but not seeing how to keep share buttons showing permanently.
    I do have the share buttons showing on the bottom of posts in preview, however when published they disappear and then only show after reader clicks on the post title.


    Hi there Tony,

    I’m not sure why it’s not saving for you. In your dashboard under Settings → Sharing, make sure you have the option checked to show sharing options on: Front Page, Archive Pages, and Search Results.

    Unfortunately with Shelf there isn’t a way to show the comment link on the front page, but you could at least get those sharing icons showing up for you.

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