Settings for "New Post" email Notificaitons?

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    The short version of this question is “How do you control what is sent out to followers in a “new post” notification email”

    But a bit of background will help everyone understand what the heck am I talking about…

    Since about a week after first creating my blog here on I’ve used the same theme. In that theme, when you “publish” a new “post” anyone who has signed up to be notified receives an email.

    Wondering exactly what it was that “my followers” see in these emails I signed up to follow myself (no I’m narcissistic) using one of my email addresses that is not associated with my blog.

    By doing this I learned that anything in a “post” that was located before the “MORE” quicktag, if there was one, would be included in the email. Since I tend to do really long posts, I always made sure there was a “More” tag at a logical place near the top. The theme I used until recently was Mystique.

    Roll in my brand new theme: Profle.

    I did my first genuine post where it was long enough to use the “more” tag and to my chagrin, I see that the Profile Theme does NOT send out the same amount of the Post, that the Mystique did in the Notification Emails.

    The More tag works the same way in both themes when viewing the blogroll, but the Notification Email for the “Profile” theme seems to ignore it and insert it’s own “more” tag after a certain number of words.


    1. Am I correct in that “how much is in the notification email” for new posts is a function controlled by the theme?

    2. If “yes” where in the Dashboard is this controlled so that I can configure it properly.


    Tx “i’ve been living in blissful ignorance” CowboyDancer


    The blog I need help with is: (visible only to logged in users)

    Original poster

    Thank you. That was exactly what I needed.

    For the record, thank you for all your help, especially when I ask a question that turns out to be outside the scope of the theme support. I really appreciate it.

    I do try to search through the forums first and through the help and via google but often there are so many conflicting bits of info, that I give up and just post the question on the forums as a new question.

    So, again, thank you. :-)

    Signed “computer guru in lots of areas but not yet on WPress”



    Glad to help :)


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