Setting up Bottom section with 'Text Widget' and Blog page as featured column

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    I’ve started building a site using the Organization Theme. I’m trying to replicate the layout according to the Setup documentation, but I am wondering how to generate the bottom section above the social links. I have some text that I want to include in the ‘Text Widget’ section, but the setup doesn’t mention it…or have I missed something?

    Also, I would like to include my Blog as one of the 3 featured categories:

    Is this possible to do with a paragraph of introductory text?


    The blog I need help with is: (visible only to logged in users)

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    Hi Graham,

    No problem. The bottom section above the social links in the footer is generated by using widgets. Within the WordPress admin, navigate to Appearance > Widgets as seen in the following screenshot:

    Then, you can change the Text Widget content, and change or remove the other footer widgets.

    Displaying a blog as one of the featured pages on the home page is a little more tricky, only be cause the blog is technically an archive of posts, and not a page. However, we can get around this by following these instructions.

    1. Within the WordPress admin, navigate to Plugins > Add New.
    2. Install and Activate the “Page Links To” plugin,
    3. Create a new page by navigating to Pages > Add New in the admin.
    4. Title your new page “Blog” or “Latest News” or something of that nature.
    5. Add a Featured Image and Excerpt to the page.
    6. Within the Page settings on the right, add a Custom URL link to your blog page,
    7. Publish the page.
    8. Navigate to Appearance > Customize > Theme and select your newly created page as one of the “Middle Content Blocks” in the options.
    9. Save your changes in the Customizer.

    As a result, your new page will be displayed on the home page with a Featured Image and the Excerpt introductory text, and when clicking to view the page you will be directed to the blog.

    I hope this helps.


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