Setting Home/Blog Pages NOT WORKING!?!?!

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    This theme is beautiful, but it has me on the verge of total insanity.

    I can not seem to set a proper “Home” page that displays the featured carousel and a “Blog” page that displays all of my posts in a simple list (WITHOUT the carousel)

    Am I going about this process improperly?

    I create “home” & “blog” pages under the pages tab
    I add these two pages to my menu under the menus tab
    I them go under Settings > Reading
    Select front page to display “Static Page” whereby front page is newly added “Home” page and posts display under newly added “Blog” page

    However…the result is a Home page with no content, just blank, and “Blog” appears as my home page.

    Any and all help greatly appreciated! I see that the showcase blogs for this theme have what I want, but I cant get there!!!!!!!!!!!

    The blog I need help with is:



    Just to clarify… you don’t need to create a “home” page or a “blog” page. Also, under your “Reading” settings, “Select front page to display” should be set to “latest posts”, NOT a static page. Then all you need to do is configure your theme options as specified within the setup and usage instructions.

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