setting a custom width per post?

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    i would like to set the width of certain blog posts (like for example for the “about” page -> would be nice to have it twice as wide..)

    video,image,link posts already have custom widths so it has to be possible somehow?


    The blog I need help with is



    Hi there!

    I do not know if this is possible. I will ask a staff member to address this question for you as s/he will know for sure.



    Hi there, you can usually target individual posts or pages by using the post or page’s unique body class.

    For example, the About page has the unique class page-id-15 – which you can see by viewing the page source and finding the <body> tag:

    <body id="home" class="page page-id-15 page-template page-template-no-sidebar-page-php logged-in admin-bar no-customize-support custom-background mp6 typekit-enabled theme-menu-maximized highlander-enabled highlander-light custom-colors">

    Look for the class with the unique ID.

    You normally would be then able to target that class with CSS aimed at that specific page, for example:

    .page-id-15 .shelf {
       width: 1500px;

    The problem in this theme is that there is some inline CSS that overrides anything in your custom CSS.

    <div class="shelf" style="width: 840px;">

    tollmanz – could that inline style be moved into the theme’s stylesheet instead, to allow this sort of user tweak?



    Hi Kathryn!

    Thanks for the help! I will have Scott take a look at this as he is better suited to answer the question.


    Theme Author

    Thanks for your help, Kathryn!

    @deroesi Adjusting your post or page width is a bit tricky. You’ll want to override Shelf’s ‘shelf’ width:

    .shelf {
        width: 1200px !important;

    Then, you can adjust the width of your About page:

    .page-id-15 .post-15 {
        width: 650px;

    Please try this and let us know if you hit any problems.



    wow, thanks everybody!

    i had to set the shelf width to 10000px (or the posts appeared vertically) – i hope thats ok and not causing any troubles on other browsers/platforms?

    the reflection of the post doesnt get scaled to the same width, is there are way to adjust this aswell?



    Theme Author

    Hello again! You’re welcome!

    When modifying any of Shelf’s default styles, it’s possible that some display bugs are introduced. Testing these changes, though, goes beyond the level of support we can provide in these forums.

    The reflection cannot be resized. If you’d like, you could try hiding this background instead:

    article {
        background: none;

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