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    Hi, I want to add another language into my blog. I have read and felt that option 3 is the best for me. However, I do not know how to link two blogs of different languages together. Example , I would like to have the ‘english’ and ‘chinese’ option above the primary menu. Can anyone advise on this?

    The blog I need help with is:



    Hi there, since your theme Creative Portfolio has an special area above the menu where you can add HTML, you could add a link to your other site there.

    For example, on the Chinese site, you could add something like this:

    <a href="">English</a>

    You’d add that in the Customizer under Theme Options > Header Content area.

    Also please note that you’re actually posting in the wrong theme’s forum, this one is for Creative but your theme is Creative Portfolio. The right forum is here:

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