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    Hi, I would like to optimise my site but I do not want to impact on the current design. Can I please change the site title/ description and page titles to white so that they don’t show but are still there for optimisation?


    The blog I need help with is: (visible only to logged in users)


    Hi Vanessa,

    I’m not sure I understand the question. You want to use a site title and tagline instead of the logo but you want it to be white?

    And you want to hide the page titles you already have on your pages?

    Original poster

    Hi sorry for delay.

    I currently do not have a site title/description. The template puts this under the logo. I want to have one for SEO purposes but I do not want it showing. Can I either hide it or change the colour of the font so it doesn’t show but is still there for SEO.

    Also many of my pages don’t have page titles. It may help with SEO if I include them but I don’t want them to show as it impacts the design and layout of my pages. So I wondered if there was a way of hiding or changing the font colour so they don’t show.

    Is that clearer?


    Your site title is simply replaced by the logo, no need to hide it.

    You can hide the tagline with this CSS:

    .snap-tagline {display:none; }

    You can hide all your page titles by adding this code:

    h1 {display:none; }

    But I’d advise against it. If you’re only wanting to hide certain pages, you’ll need to pick through the code to find the page ID and target more specifically. It would look like:

    .page-id-3431 h1 {display:none; }

    And keep in mind that each page has a unique ID. So it could get tedious to add this over and over again. :\

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