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    What does the search box in the header search? I can’t use it to find my own posts. I would like it to search everything — or at least all titles and tags.


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    The search box uses the standard WordPress search.

    It’s not perfect, but it should search all blog posts and pages (post content and titles). As far as I know it doesn’t search tags.

    There are plugins for improving the search abilities, but the best ones cost money.

    I’ve never used it but I’ve heard good things about


    I usually use Search Everything but it hasn’t been updated in 2 years.

    I had Relevanssi free version installed. It replaces the WordPress search.

    When I searched for “strong” on the dashboard posts page, there were 83 results. When I used the box in the header, I got 8.

    I disabled Relevanssi and got many pages of posts — I assume the same 83 but I didn’t count. Relevanssi allows stop words but “strong” wasn’t set as a stop word.

    I installed EchBay Search Everything, a Webgiare Plugins, which also replaces the WordPress Search, and got the 83 again. EchBay has a number of settings so I set it to search categories, post tags, posts, and pages.

    Relevanssi has a ton of settings and I haven’t explored them enough to find out why it was limiting “strong” in searches. “Strong” is not listed as a stop word. It looks like a very good plugin but I’m not a fan of searches returning relevant choices. In this instance, it was hiding posts that I wanted to link to from another website. It was driving me crazy because I knew the post was there. If it had disappeared then other posts might have also.

    So problem solved. It was some setting in Relevanssi. And EchBay Search Everything works.

    Thank you!


    Relevanssi was required by a theme I was trying and I had actually forgotten about it.


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    ah ha – strange the plugin caused that problem but glad you solved it now! :)

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