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    For my latest blog, I paid for an upgraded theme: Currents. And am frustrated that the search bar on the right becomes full-width, even covering up our logo on the left, when you view our blog in IE.

    My business blog uses the free theme Twenty-eleven with no browser compatibility problems.

    Are there any solutions for Currents using Internet Explorer? Thx!

    The blog I need help with is: (visible only to logged in users)


    Hi charsindelar,

    I’m seeing this as well. Tested in IE8.

    I need to pass this along to the theme team to see what they think and hope to have an answer for you shortly.

    Thank you for your patience!


    Original poster


    Currents has created this problem for me in IE8 ever since I bought the theme.

    I haven’t heard anything from the theme team. Any updates? If possible, we’d like to get this resolved before July 7 when we travel and write daily posts.

    Thank you!


    Hey again,

    The theme team is looking into this here at Looks like it’s an issue with a Javascript conflict in IE8 in the footer.

    Hope to have an answer for you here soon.

    Thank you again and appreciate your patience.



    I have the same problem. I’d also like to note that the right sidebar disappears in IE8 and the featured articles extend all the way to the right.


    Hi Scott,
    Any update?


    Hey charsindelar and spotcleanfood,

    Still waiting for some updates on this. The theme team is aware of the issue and I’ll ping them for updates today.

    Greatly appreciate your patience. Will let you know when I find out more for you both.

    Thank you!



    Hi, any news?


    Really appreciate your patience here.

    I know it’s been sometime without a fix and I’ve prioritized this for you both today.

    I hope to have an answer soon regarding what is happening on IE8.

    Thank you!



    Hi all,

    This has been patched today by our team here at Woo and should go live at some point today or tomorrow.

    Will check back in tomorrow and see how things look on your end.

    Appreciate your patience and thanks again!



    Fingers crossed. Haven’t been able to check except through Adobe BrowserLab. How’s it looking on your end?

    Original poster

    I’m looking at my blog in IE8 and the search bar is still full width, spanning the entire page (whether the page is maximized or restored down). So no, I don’t see the fix yet. I’ve cleared my cache, deleting cookies, history, etc. Still the search bar spans the full-width of the homepage and covers up my logo.

    As spotcleanfood mentioned, I also see that the right sidebar disappears in IE8 and the featured article banner extends all the way to the right.

    Thanks, Scott, for working on this!



    any updates?



    Here’s what we’ve narrowed it down to (as we are seing this on a few other themes as well):

    It’s a bug with respond.js which is used to make IE8 (and other browser which don’t like responsive design) work the same way. The Javascript has cross domain issues (see link below).

    While I don’t have an ETA for you it’s being looked at and hope to have a fix for you soon.

    Here’s an alternative we are looking into if your interested:

    Kind Regards,


    Wow, deeper than I thought. Many thanks for the update.

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