Scroll arrows on the home page featured slider not working?

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    I have made a featured slider on my home page that moves between posts fine.

    At the bottom right of each post on the featured slider…there are two little arrows. Am I correct in assuming these can be used to scroll left and right between the featured posts? If so, they are not working – they are not working on the Portfolio’s theme demo site and they are not working on my own site.


    The blog I need help with is:


    Hi Mark,

    Which browser are you using? I’m able to scroll with the arrows on our demo just fine with Chrome and Safari.


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    Hi Melissa.

    Yes…looks like a browser issue. Although in contrast to your experience the buttons are not working for me in Chrome, but they are in Internet Explorer.

    In Chrome pressing an arrow simply adds /# to the web address and the page jumps back to the top.

    Nevertheless…it’s working in your Chrome and my Internet Explorer fine so I’m satisfied it’s not a wordpress issue.

    Thanks for answering.



    Very odd though! I wonder what’s different about your configuration. Sometimes Chrome is very quirky, I’ve found.

    Let us know if you have any other questions come up!

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