scroll arrows disappeared on Chrome

  • in the past few weeks I have noticed that my top scroll arrows (to click on in upper right and upper left) still appear on IE but not on Chrome (which I typically use) not sure where they went…
    Blog I am working on is

    The blog I need help with is: (visible only to logged in users)

  • i’m having the same problem…. the new chrome scrollbars were added so maybe thats what causes the problem?

    would be great to get this resolved asap by the devs….

  • Hello dshrumm and deroesi!

    It looks like you’ve discovered a bug. We don’t know exactly what is causing this problem yet, but we’re looking into it. Once we’ve fix this problem and updated the code, we’ll be sure to let you know.

    In the meantime, thanks for your patience—and thanks for reporting this too!

  • Hi there!

    We pushed out a fix for this issue this morning! It turns out that a change in Chrome was likely causing this issue. We have resolved the issue and your arrows should be available again. Thanks for reporting the problem and for your patience as we worked out a fix.

  • hi thanks, the buttons are visible now…

    i noticed a few minor things…

    one is that the highlighting of the scrollbuttons stays active after clicking them, (I dont know if that has always been the case)

    2. my site seems to have a strange link square above the title (link of the text itself?)

    3. it seems the css about hiding the wood doesnt effect the mobile version? any reason for this?


  • 2. my site seems to have a strange link square above the title (link of the text itself?)

    sorry, looks like it this was the accidentally activated logo (with no image configurated though) sorry for the noise :)

  • Hi deroesi!

    Can you give us a link to your site so we can take a look at these issues?

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