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    When I scrolldown on the homepage, the hover effect does not work. When you click on one portfolio it will redirect you to the portfolio page.
    Do I need to modify the CSS (:hover) ? Do you use javascript on safari for trigger this event ?

    Thanks for your help

    The blog I need help with is


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    Modifications to the themes JS are not possible in the platform, sorry! If you’d like I can list this as a potential bug and have our QA team look into it! Typically, hover events do not work on touch devices as these devices do not have the ability to hover.



    yes if could list this one as a bug. ( Theme : bindery)
    Will be great.


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    Ok, we’ll look into it! Thanks :)


    How did you progress on that ?


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    Not yet – Can you tell me if you’re seeing the mobile interaction being different on Safari compared to other mobile browsers?

    Thanks for clarifying!


    It s different. Using safari mobile, When you click on one project, you go straight to the project page instead of showing the title. ( see the project title with the overlay, really quickly)

    On other mobile browsers you have this step in between let you see the clickable title of the project.

    Have a try on safari mobile with the bindery demo version, I noticed the same problem.


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    From my end the quick view of the title before it auto-loads happens in all browsers, not just Safari, which I believe is by design of the theme. I just checked with our development team, who confirmed that this is the intended function of the selection on mobile, to avoid the user having to click the same link twice.
    If you have any requests to change the behaviour of this I can run it past them!



    Ok I understand if is your choice to avoid the user click the same link twice. Make sense.
    If your development team has an idea how to simulate an “hover” only on safari mobile ?
    Also we have an issue with the homepage behaviour :

    When you click on “load more”, it loads 11 new elements and not 12 as configured in the WP dashboard.
    When I look the ajax response, it seems that the last element of the first page is including in the ajax result.
    Is it a pagination issue ?


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    Mind sending a temporary user/password to me? You can send it to me directly at calvin[at]pixelunion[dot]net :) Then I’ll be able to see the site!



    Sorry for the late answer.
    I just created an account for you.
    You received an email with the details.

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