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    I’m using default template yet when I try to move my widgets to the right sidebar they just won’t show up.

    Any thoughts?


    The blog I need help with is northmantrader.com.


    also, the carousel does not appear to be working either.



    Hi there, since these questions are specific to Mimbo Pro, I’m moving this thread to the Mimbo Pro forum.


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    Thanks Kathryn

    The reason the right hand sidebar and carousel are not working is because you’re using a custom page for the homepage layout. This allows you to add custom text, but removes the functionality seen on the demo site.

    If you remove the static front page then the right sidebar, and carousel will work.



    to clarify:

    custom text you mean a different font then the one that is standard? Or is is just because I use a static page?

    I use the static page because I do not want all my blog post to appear on the front page.

    Is there a work around?



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    Hi – it’s because you’re using the static page – nothing to do with fonts (sorry for the confusion there). There’s no way to work around it I’m afraid.

    So what do you want to appear on the homepage if you don’t want your blog posts to appear?


    well the text that is there right now.

    My blog posts are divided into public content which is free, and premium content which is password protected. I divided that content via the category options.

    So this is all working well. From a priority point of view the carousel is a nice to have, i was actually more focused on the trying to move the sidebar content to the right…



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    Well in that case – that’s slightly different.

    If you have the custom css upgrade then you can add the following rule to make the sidebar sit on the right of the page:

    body.home #sidebar { float:right; }


    ah that’s great that worked.
    Is there a way to do this for all the other pages then too?


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    Looks like you did it?

    It’s just a case of removing the .home from the previous css making it this:

    body #sidebar { float:right; }


    yes I did! thank you for the follow up…

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