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    My Huesos theme is configured with the following settings :
    – the home page displays the latest articles
    – I have a primary menu with the catégories. He is allways on left
    – I have a widget “Main sidebar” with widget text, search and subscribe. He is normaly a right sidebar on posts and pages.

    But when we go on the website, the widget is at the bottom of the website, bellow the text, not on the right.
    Is it possible to force the website to always display the widget to the right of the text ?

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    The blog I need help with is: nepasoublier.net


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    The sidebar will display below the main content area when the browser width is less than 1024px. This is part of the responsive design as the sidebar area would no longer fit on the screen along with the menu and content areas. This is common functionality on sites as the screen gets smaller.

    That said, there isn’t an easy way to fix this unfortunately.


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    Thank you for this explanation.
    I close this topic

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