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    When visiting my site from an iphone the website looks completely different, using the news section as the landing page. It isn’t a ‘responsive’ design. Is there a way to change this so that the website appearance on a computer is the same (or very similar) to the IOS?

    The blog I need help with is


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    It looks like the Mobile Theme is enabled on your site. You can find more information on this theme and how to disable it here:


    Thanks for the help. I’ve followed your instruction, however while this has fixed the initial problem, the site now seems to have it’s ‘edges cut off’ when displayed on phone?


    Sorry I’m referring to the banner slides and menu.


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    It appears you may have some custom CSS that is causing some layout issues. For example, your site has a horizontal scroll on all screen sizes (desktop included). At a quick glance, it looks like the custom CSS added for the navigation may be the culprit.


    Thanks. I have fixed horizontal scroll… But that cut of edges are the theme issue? Theme is not Mobile responsive that’s why it is not working properly on mobiles?


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    You are correct in that the theme doesn’t have a modern responsive design where the layout changes depending upon screen size, however, the theme does work as expected on mobile devices.

    That said, the hero area displays the large images as background images. This is a common method when displaying images behind text. The downside to this method, however, is that the images behave like a normal background image would and do not resize down as the screen size decreases.

    In this case, you’ll want to keep any text you may put in the image closer to the center of the image. Anything on the outer edges will likely get “cutoff”.

    I hope that helps answer your question.

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