Response design issues on iPhone

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    Just started using the theme. I have a simple 4-item primary menu, an About Page, a Contact Me page, a Publications page, and a posting page.

    The site looks fine on the web, but the responsive design has a lot of problems on an iPhone. I need to understand if these problems can be corrected.

    1. The primary menu is not working.

    The menu collapses correctly to a mobile-oriented icon and the “Menu” label. But tapping it does not display the drop-down menu.

    2. The header and menu are completely missing when viewing anything other than the home page.

    Since I can’t use the menu to select other pages, I tap one of the “Recent posts” links at the bottom of the static “About me” home page. The post appears, but the site title and the menu are no longer present.

    3. For post pages (anything other than the home page), the “Recent Posts” links at the bottom are not visible — only the post dates themselves are displayed. This may be an issue with the font color, it’s hard to tell.

    I can also provide iPhone screen shots if needed to show what’s happening.


    The blog I need help with is


    Theme Author

    Hi Tom!

    I’ve taken a look at your site on my iPhone using Safari and wasn’t experiencing any of the issues. The primary menu toggle displayed the menu and I was able to navigate the site from any page. The header and Recent Posts links in the footer also display on each page.

    Which browser were you using when viewing the site?


    Thanks for the quick response… I’m using Safari as well. But I hadn’t updated to the latest iOS version yet — I was still on iOS 7. I updated to iOS 8 tonight and now everything is working.

    Not sure if it’s worth looking into why it might have problems on the old iOS version. But thanks for getting back to me.

    Best, Tom


    Theme Author

    Great, good to hear!

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