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    Hi, your theme is great, i had two questions regarding the size needed for portrait images.

    1 – I would like the No.1 featured image on the homepage to be smaller. At the moment, it is so large you can only see the top half and then have to scroll to see the second half. I would like a reader to see the whole cover without scrolling. If i resize by pixel, it stays the same dimensions but blurry.

    2 – On the portfolio thumbnail images on the homepage, i would also like the front cover of the books featured. At 500 x 750 It shows the whole cover clearly in the post but the homepage thumbnail cuts away most of it.

    I tried reducing the pixel dimensions to 270x 400 which worked, but then in the post it was blurry.

    Hope that made sense



    The blog I need help with is


    Theme Author

    Hi Lucas,

    In both cases, the image sizes are predetermined by the theme.

    Specs for the main Featured image is 735 wide by 865 high and the same for the single posts Featured image.

    As for Portfolio items on the homepage are 500 wide by 450 high. The theme will automatically resize to this when you upload an image. What you’ve already tried is the only work around but you will end up with blurry images since the size should really be 735 x 865.



    Hi, thanks for the reply, and no problem, i can crop the title of the cover as the featured image and embed the full cover into the post


    Theme Author

    A suggestion for you would be to use the Featured Posts area to show your Book covers instead of the Portfolio section.

    If you add your Featured tag to your portfolio items they will display in the Featured Content area.

    Hope that helps!



    cheers, i will play around with it a little more.

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