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    Hello Leland,

    Can you please provide a code to rename the MORE button to “Tip Jar”?

    I only want my top widget area to contain my tip jar, obviously.

    Thanks for your help.

    And thanks for your great designs.

    The blog I need help with is



    And a code or codes to rename my MENU button to CONTACT and have the button link to my contact page would also be much appreciated.


    Theme Author

    Hi there,

    1) As for renaming the “MORE” button, that is doable by going to Customizer -> Theme Options, and setting the “More Toggle Button Text” to whatever you want. No code necessary.

    See the Novara Setup Guide for more information about that.

    2) As for renaming the MENU button, this won’t be possible directly. This is because the sole purpose of that button is to reveal the entire menu on smaller screen widths. It looks like you have a few other pages like “About” in your menu.

    There may be some creative workarounds and I have a few questions:

    – Do you not want websites visitors on smaller screen widths (such as those using a smart phone) to be able to navigate to other pages, like “About”? You only want them to be able to navigate to “Contact”?

    This would be the effect if we remove the Menu button, and all of the navigation items revealed by that Menu button, and replace it with a Contact button.


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