Removing the word "category"

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    Hi there! How do you remove the word “category” that is put in front of each category name? Thank you!

    The blog I need help with is


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    Hi there – I’m afraid that can’t be done. It’s a feature of WordPress and can’t be overriden. Sorry about that.


    Is it possible to remove the feature altogether? So… no word “category” but also no name of the category, just nothing? If not, how do you change the name of the category? It’s probably super obvious but I’m bad at this! Thanks!! :)


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    You can hide the category title entirely with some custom css:

    .archive .entry-archive-header { display: none; }

    There’s more on custom css here:

    There’s info on managing categories here:

    Note that this works through the WP Admin. I don’t know how to do it through the admin.

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